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About The Pacific Institute of Medical Research

Pacific Institute of Medical Research, Inc. (PIMR) is an independent clinical research site specializing in Psychiatry. PIMR was established in 1982 by Robert Gerner, M.D. Associate Research Psychiatrist, University of California School of Medicine at Los Angeles. PIMR works in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry to conduct year-round paid clinical research studies in Los Angeles with the goal of improving treatments and outcomes for patients suffering from a broad range of psychiatric conditions. PIMR has earned a reputation for quality medical research.

Pacific Institute of Medical Research’s primary focus is on high quality outpatient studies. We conduct clinical trial phases two, three, and four, adhering to FDA regulations.

Our mission is to partner with a limited number of sponsors to provide excellent patient care, personalized service, and high quality data.

PIMR is a 501c corporation and that it is involved in the development of new drug and devices.  It is also accepts donations and funds to help develop new ways of researching, diagnosing and treating brains disorders.

PIMR Conducts Two Types of Trials

Device Trials

Pharmaceutical Trials

Pacific Institute of Medical Research

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